Disable but not remove plugins

I use a lot of plugins, but not all of them are for everyday usage. Many plugins have very specific occasional or ad hoc usage.

I would love to be able to disable these plugins to reduce clutter in my plugin menu and results in command bar search results.

Right now, this work flow is

  • Install Plugin
  • Sign-in to and/or configure Plugin
  • Use Plugin
  • Uninstall Plugin (and lose any configuration preferences :-1: )
  • Note name of plugin for future somewhere

< time passes>

  • Find and reinstall plugin
  • Repeat

Even with the ability to :heart: a plugin, I still need to do a lot of work here, and I lose configurations / preferences.

A solution to this excessive work is allow disable plugins (like Sketch) and renable them —with same configuration— when needed.

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