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Directory management in the Assets panel (Library)

Currently, sub-directories of the asset panel are created according to the frame structures, but I think it would be useful to have an option to change this structure, or a way to organize components without creating unnecessary sub-directories.



We often create a frame for each component on the “Components” page, and place the main component, usage and guidelines inside the frame. In this case, the Assets panel lacks listability because a subdirectory is created for each frame.
The same is true if you create a page for each component.

As a workaround for this problem, there are many cases where the main component is not nested in a frame but visually stacked on top of it, or where the rectangle is laid in the background without using a frame.

Perhaps the following solutions can be considered.

  • Do not create a subdirectory for frames that start with “_”.
  • A property that allows you to set a category for components (the directory in the asset panel changes according to this property).

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