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Did the icon override behavior change?

Hi! Since 2 days I have the issue, that the override for my icons doesn’t work anymore. I followed the tutorial in here to define the right colors for the different states, and all worked fine … until 2 days ago. All my overwritten icons don’t remember it, one I change the state. What did change? Is someone having the same issue? I’m really desperate. Get Help - Figma Support Forum

Yes, there are some issues with this, you can report this to support with the file link and a video recording:

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Thanks, I’ve reported this issue.

Are there any news on this topic? I got a reply from the customer service, but I honestly am a bit desperate what to do. I need to record my prototype for user tests - but I can’t do it when all my iconbuttons switch back to default on hover.

I haven’t heard anything new about this. Can you create a test file with an example, I’ll see if I can find a workaround maybe.

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Thanks for offering help.
Here is a test-project.
Please swap the icon in the lowest hierarchy.

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