Developer Handover paradox

Hi guys,

I’m having a hard time trying to define which line should I got with here.

When I first started to design a layout, I asked what was the css framework the developer team decided to use in this particular project. I got no response and I needed to start, so I made my own margins, paddings, font sizes, card sizes patterns.

But now the developers team is having a hard time trying to code what is on figma because it is out of bootstrap and material design patterns (it’s not good for them to be using two frameworks like these together).

As I looked around the internet for quite a while now and didn’t find the answer, my question is: Is there a problem with making my own patterns and I should always use a framework’s pattern for my UI elements or is it ok?

It really depends on the organization. I define my own design system for most of my projects, but I ask up-front about requirements just as you did.

They are likely having trouble because they mixing two frameworks, and Material can be really difficult to do any custom styling (depending on the version).

So in answer to your question, no you shouldn’t always be forced to use a framework’s patterns but if your developers aren’t capable of custom styling or building their own framework, then you might save yourself a headache by going along with them.

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