Dev Mode licensing needs a review

I found a workaround to this ridiculous and greedy seat requirement. Once you have been given editing access/permissions to the design file, export a local copy then import it to your own team. You will need to “move” the file from drafts to your actual paid team. You can now share the link to that file and your team will be able to access Dev Mode. YW.

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Most of the time I just want to see css in inspect panel instead of having to copy css for each component and pasting it in notepad every time. That’s just ridiculous:person_facepalming:t6:


As a freelancer to convince my client to pay 3000$ for a subscription…
guess it is time to start considering another alternative. or to find a solution to add other documentation to help the developers at least for now


For us in a large company we would have double our costs with end of dev mode beta and calculate that this pricing strategy would lead three to five times price increase as one ux designer supports a lot of developer …


this is just against Figma manifesto! About Us | Figma

Adobe being Adobe…

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As a freelancer collaborating with numerous small clients, I find the current pricing model to be impractical. It’s challenging to explain to my clients why they should pay for a developer seat on my behalf. However, I would gladly pay for a professional license myself to access all the features.

After years of being accustomed to Adobe’s pricing model, I believe the creative community expects professionals to be able to pay for their tools outright. To address this, I suggest considering additional pricing tiers tailored for freelancers and small teams.

For instance, unlimited revisions may be a feature that comes with significant infrastructure costs but is not necessary for small teams. I would be willing to pay for a “Freelance plan” that includes limited revisions while still allowing me to access professional features in all my projects, including those I have been invited to.

Only by offering a more flexible pricing structure that caters to the needs of freelancers and small teams, Figma can credibly get back to fulfil their stated mission of “making design accessible to everyone”

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Dear Figma:

Your pricing structure is now bass ackwards. I literally spent 18 months selling Figma to my managers. They finally signed off. It was going well until this little ditty popped up. If I’m a developer, I don’t care about design, I care about the code. All I care about is the inspect tool and the ability to spit out some CSS. Pricing structure needs to be revisited. $15/seat for a Dev Mode only seat for pro, org, or enterprise is the max you should be charging. And that Dev Mode seat still would include view-only of design files. The price of a seat needs to reflect the number of features that are included. I’m already having a hard time selling this to my manager. I shouldn’t have to spend 25% of my job trying to sell a necessary tool to my managers who are concerned about the bottom line. I refuse to use any Adobe products for anything web-based (besides Illustrator and PS for my own personal projects) and Sketch is DOA in a few months.


This was just a terrible roll out. Transparency on the inspect items being stripped and reused behind a pay-wall many months ago would have lessened the blow and prepared SMB and enterprise-level teams much better.


major regressions in dev mode today - not sure if its just me here
added more price hikes and broke it.

It’s not just the pricing, for smaller agencies and consultants with lots of clients and dev teams that come and go, the UX of having to seat and un-seat random accounts is an undue complication. This pricing model is only practical for long-term in-house design/dev teams; the additional features don’t justify the cost. Most of us just need a simple inspect mode like XD has that anyone can view once a file is shared.


This is exactly the problem I’m having now. As a freelancer, having to be in charge of the license status of your collaborators and having to pay for them, when they come and go and you don’t have a static structure… We are the forgotten ones for Figma. Or maybe we are the main target for the dark patterns.

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Dev mode is a terrible money grab and is counterproductive for teams.

The inspect tab that existed before was nearly there. Just a few tweaks to let developers find the values they need would have been mich less of a pain.

My biggest rage against current DivMode is that it truly creates a rift between developers and designers. DevMode gives developers osmething to blame on designers because the tool is sub par and confusing.

I do wish Figma would hire some designers and developers to guide the features of the product. I felt that the Adobe buyout would have been a huge improvement in that space. Sadly.


As a designer I want to know what the experience is going to be like for designs I hand off to developers, so I can answer questions and help them find stuff. I get having a different license level for developers, but it’s straight up laughable that you’re asking designers to pay $5/month more just to do that much. Honestly, a comprehensive “inspect” pane seems like missing functionality within the designer-facing interface at this point!

Also the fact that you basically offered this for free then locked it behind a paywall when a lot of people were already invested in the software, without much added? Not a good look.


Nailed it!

Sadly it will get worse. They dumped a lot of energy into devmode at Config this year. But every dev that i have worked with has found it nothing but a PITA. Worse, the monetizing of devmode and yanking of the inspect panel was the beginning. Charging $5-15 for new “Slides” tools? We are likely to see a huge increase in devmode cost. And when UI3 hits…the pillaging will start.

How many times during the Config presentation did they say “and we remind you that these features are free until 2025.”

Legitimately warning us at every turn that they are going to crank up the charges pretty soon.

Many people balked at the failed Adobe deal. But the alternative…Figma greed and apathy to their customers…is WAY worse than the benefits we missed out on from Adobe.

Let the nickel and diming begin! :tada:

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I’m going to check out some competitors over the holidays. Smooth collaboration with devs is super important to me, and I also care about what my company is getting for their money, sooo… I have tried changing from one design tool to another in the past, and I sure can do it again.

I love how Figma is so active on Twitter, but rarely do they ever reply on their own forums.

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