Desperatly seeking "find similar"

I am dying to see the “find similar” feature from Adobe in Figma now that Adobe owns the biz. Not having that feature to quickly update a color, line weight, etc is adding hours to my design week. Anyone else feeling me here?

The plugins for find an replace are all glitchy and very slow for an essential workflow.

I use this one: Similayer | Figma Community
Not glitchy but one does need to do a few practice runs to get the hang of it.
Additionally there is Find and Select | Figma Community , which I believe support RegEx in some way, and Find and Replace | Figma Community , which, even its feature has been integrated to Figma (Cmd + F I believe), I still use on a daily basis.

Thanks! I hope #find and #replace will become a feature in Figma!

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