🍎 Desktop App for Apple Silicon (M1) is here!

Figma is now ready for Apple Silicon!

Download the macOS desktop app to make full use of M1 performance. β†’

Learn more here


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yasss!! thank you Figma team, just got my m1 air today woohoo


Hello! I downloaded figma on my Mac M1 computer today but it keeps asking me to put the app into my applications folder ( even though it is in there ) and no matter what I do it will not open.

It’s a container app. In the end, everything works in the browser. How does the M1 app affect performace?

You probably already fixed this problem. But for future purposes, if that happen to someone,
You have to download the App from the Website, and MOVE only the FIGMA app downloaded to the Applications folder. Leave the ZIP.archive back on the downloads file. And try to open!
If it doesn’t work, restart it. It might work this timeπŸ™πŸΌ