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Designing a 2in1 website

Hello everyone. As the name suggests i want to design a website which will have a function of 2 websites. English is my second language so i will do my best to explain.

TL;DR: I need to make an e-commerce website for two different businesses, which are a part of the same company. Should both websites have their own domains, or can i combine them into one website, separated into different “mini websites” via webpages?
Which is the better option?

Here is for more context:

The company i work at is a grocery store chain, we also have a pet shop. We are expanding into e-commerce. I want to a make, and maintain a classic e-commerce site, products, maps where the locations of the stores are, home delivery etc. I know how to do that, i have some experience with webdesign with word press. Here is the thing. The grocery chain is separated into two branches, the pet shop is the third branch of the business. It has to be like that because the two separate grocery chains are in different parts of our country. Different locations, different brands for sale, different work times etc. The pet shop, as well. My plan is to separate the two grocery branches into two “websites”. Customers go onto the main page and have the option to select which branch they want services from. I have done all of that. The website is designed so that it’s a “hierarchy” of web pages separated into two branches. The branches will be treated as separate websites and businesses. Nothing too complicated. Here’s the tricky part, i want to do this for the pet shop as well. The pet shop is a separate business to the grocery stores. We are planning to make a website for the pet shop. Should i combine the websites for the grocery stores and pet shop? Or should i separate the pet shop website to have it’s own domain?

Thank you in advance for your help :slightly_smiling_face:

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