Design System Publishing problem

Hi there,

We are working as a group of designers on Figma and we’ve created a design system and recently we have a problem with the publishing system. every 5 mins we get a notification to publish the design system on a specific project that we are working on.
Nobody touches the design system so it’s very weird that Figma asks us to publish it on our projects.
Could you please help us with that?
Thank you

Happening the same, from time to time I get modifications on my components and nobody touched them

I wonder if you’ve found help on this one. Me and my team has been having the same issue, getting notifications of component updates being available.

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I am having a similar issue. Any update on the status?

Hey, I need to export 100 images from one source with different numbers on them. For example, I have one image with the number x / 100. And ideally from that, I need to export 100 images with that x replaced with each number from 1 to 100. I tried looking for something like batch processing or automation in figma but could not find anything

After importing all the images into Figma, select all the images and tap Control-R (or Command-R on Mac) to find the rename selection panel. That will allow you to rename all the images in bulk.

Nice! Thanks

Hi @Ben101 ! I think this is a different topic. Hopefully they won’t close the issue we have with publishing on our design systems because you’ve got yours resolved.

I’ve managed to get Figma Support to respond and they’re taking a look at our file. I’ll let you know what they’ve found what could be causing the issue.

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