Design System Nesting


I working in company that have a couple products and solutions. I have an idea to create the monochrome design system with basic elements and then want to create on this base 3 more design systems. But there I need just to change some colors and fonts, but literally the elements will be the same as in monochrome version. And also for example If I need to add new component in monochrome version this element will be also added on other 3 nested design systems. For now it is impossible. Maybe you can add a feature which can create a nested copy of combined variants of components? Because now we can’t do like that.

Thank you!

Hi Ilya, the idea of “File components” has been kicked around and is interesting, but in your case you could have one monochrome component library and then 3 “theme” libraries with only styles (colors and text), then use “Swap libraries” to apply theming to any file using the base monochrome components.

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