Deleted project by mistake!

Hello Figma Community!

The project name is untitled, and im looking for a page “Sinnesro”, which got deleted when i deleted another page, i have tried everything. Its not in the
“deleted” items (under drafts either), nor can i find it in “show version history”, i cant find the other pages i have deleted in “show version history” and i cant create another page. It seems to be a bug. I hope u can fix this issue and restore the page im after.

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It seems to be a bug. I hope the support team can help.


it can as well be no one has answered on this issue

U should be able to see your deleted pages in version history. So its clearly a bug if u can’t do anything in your project anymore as u stated above.

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Did someone else create the file on a team account? I believe deleted items filter to files created by you by default but you can change it at top of screen

No one else created the file exept the owner.