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Delete document colors

So my color palette is a complete mess. All the colors that I have in my canvas reflects on the properties panel under document colors. Previously, I was able to add and delete colors from the palette but now there is no option for that. Please help me delete colors from my color palette. I do not want all the colors in my canvas to show in the document colors.

Use Styles

Hey Gleb, thanks for your reply. I understand how to create styles and add colors. But I see some existing document colors. Basically, whatever colors that I have in my document is showing up under the document colors dropdown. Do you know anyway to delete those colors. I want to be able to add only those colors from my canvas to the dropdown.

You can’t delete them, that’s the whole point of document colors — showing all colors in the document. If you want to use the color picker instead of style picker, you can choose local styles in the dropdown or any other styles library — and these are the colors you can customize.

Style picker:

Color picker:

Choose a styles library instead of document colors:

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