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Default spacing between frames

When I duplicate frames (which I do a lot), the duplicated frame appears 40px to the right. I would like to be able to adjust that value myself eg set it to 200px.

When showing sketches to other stakeholders, the screen looks cluttered with frames that are 40px apart. For them, it can be confusing since they are not working daily with Figma. Therefore, I always have to adjust the spacing myself.

How do you people present for other stakeholder? Have any tip? I mean, I can always show in the “prototype” mode but then you can not move around components whilst talking or even take notes directly on the frame (not comment).

A few ideas…

  1. Wrap all the frames in an auto layout and adjust the spacing between items. Then anytime you duplicate a frame it will automatically give you the right spacing.
  2. Select all frames and distribute horizontal spacing, then modify the spacing between frames while all are selected
  3. Just manually move them
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