Default background colour in asset panels

I’ve noticed in the asset panel some of my components have a white background behind them but others are transparent/grey. However, when I use the components neither have any form of background around them. I’m keen to make the background all the same for consistency.

Any ideas why some are transparent but others are not?

I have theory that component sets have transparent background by default, regular components have some color, most likely derived from a document.

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I am also wondering about this. My theory was that white background meant something was associated with a library, while gray meant it was not associated with a library but instead a local (the the file) symbol.

Hope someone from figma can give us an official answer!

Yes, it also kind of depends on the background. I’m searching for a solution to display a darker background for the dark mode components vs. the light mode components. It works on some, but for others it displays the gray background.

Update: Yes, the gray color comes from the component sets or variation groups.
Solution for unit component: Add a frame or fill the component with the color you’d like
Solution for unit component sets/variation group: Add a fill to the variation group, then cut (command + X) and paste (command + V) to apply changes