Dashboard for the figma community profile

Figma currently shares email updates with the subject header stating: " Your week on Figma Community" which is great when it comes to viewing the progress your profile has made in the past week. Also comes a total stats section where the total statistical figures regarding your posts can be seen including the number of views, copies made, saves and comments on various posts you’ve made on your Figma community profile.

Although in addition Figma can really add a mini dashboard on top of the community profile page on the Figma Website, right below the top cover or maybe replacing the top cover. This could depict some stats like total views, copies made, saves from all the files from the very start of the profile till date.
Along with this the progressive numbers can be shown in percentages such as the up or down percentage for views, copies made, saves and comments this week than the last week or something around this concept.

Further to view such details with respect to individual post the user can click a certain call to action button provided within thttps://forum.Figma.com/c/share/12he mini dashboard as: “View advanced stats” to navigate to a details page with all community posts by that user listed with the stats. The user obviously could have a feature of toggling the view/layout of the listing to list or tile view.

I as a user felt the need for it so thought of sharing it as well.

Looking forward for a dashboard feature as such on the Figma Community Profile Page.

Totally agree, we need more tools to analyse the performances of our projects on Community

Hi Mohit,
Thank you for your detailed feedback! We’ll pass along to our team for consideration.