Dark mode for FigJam

There are so many more reasons not to launch it! You’re missing out!

How is it possible that this tool doesn’t have dark mode?? Practically every tool these days has dark mode! This makes no sense. This white background burns my eyes. +1 we need Dark Mode


I often work on my projects at night but even during the day glaring at a pure white jam board gives me headaches. I often put a large locked box behind that is nearly black which helps a bunch but it obviously hides the pegboard(or whatever they’re called) dots which help for positioning.

It would be good to be able to set the jam board background colour even if there is just a fixed option for dark or light.

It’s great working on design files because I can make the background dark but a lot of my brainstorming, design and reading is done in the jam board so it would be a very welcome feature.

I couldn’t find an option for it nor could I find a suggestion and I don’t know that many competitor boards have that feature so it would be a great addition to Figma.

2024 and still no dark mode :skull:


RIP MY EYES AND THE COMMUNITY :person_with_white_cane:


day 1873867476 without dark mode in FigJam

Talk about being behind the times.

FigJam is a not an option without dark-mode.

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Could we at least get a “dim” mode?

You’d think that a platform used for designing user experience would understand that going with a default stark white that’s bright AF is NOT what users (design/dev) want to experience…

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Yes, please! It seems like someone pops a flashbang when I switch between Figma and FigJam files XD

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ALMOST 4 years of users requesting dark mode in FigJam :sweat_smile:
uhhhhhhhh just do it already whats the deal guys!

Do you guys don’t use variables to FigJam prototypes? xD

Please add the dark mode. I never thought a fantastic tool like Figma would be missing a feature like this in Jam. I used to work on design files, but recently, I’ve been working a lot on the Jam file, and it’s killing my eyes.