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Customizable Color Palette and Cursor Sizes in FigJam

Hello Figma team and community,

We’re heavy users of Figma and are looking into Jam now. The tool looks nice and we’re very likely to use it over time instead of the SketchBook (SketchBook | Sketchbook Software Discontinued | Autodesk) that we currently use in the team for similar needs.

It would be awesome, though, if it was possible to customize Colors Palette and cursor Cursor Sizes in Jam - see image attached.

With the hardcoded palette and sizes it’s often difficult to maintain more complex shetches - would be nice to support their customization (especially with hotkeys like in Sketchook to change sizes quickly).

Vote for this feature, please! (button at the top of this page)


Colors Unpleasant to Wireframe


Hi, guys! I love the FigJam, just missing the custom color option for color picker. Any chance?


More colour options for sticky notes and shapes. It’s not about options, I use colours to mean different things. I’m running out of colours. Maybe border colour option.


even if we can change opacity for the colours it would be useful for backgrounds to separate out sections / swim lanes for journey mapping :slight_smile:


Would like to be able to add custom hex colors for markers and stickies.


I’m making affinity maps but the square stickies can only support 7 colors, and I have way more than 7 participants! If I use the round stickies, much less text will be able to fit on it. I’d love the ability to add sticky colors with a + button when the sticky is clicked on.


Same need here: I’d like to run Event Storming session on FigJam and I’d appreciate the possibility to use Event Storming’s own palette. Thanks


It keeps things simple and organized with pre-selected colors but I think the selections are very limited at this point. I need to prepare my own sticky notes to have color variety as components and then upload them to Figjam


I too like the predefined colors, but at the moment they are too few. I keep running out of colors to convey meanings.
Maybe have different color themes, such as a wireframe grayscale pallet, a more vibrant, etc… can help keep consistency but offer some options.

Loving the tool :heart:


+1 would love if I could use my color styles in FigJam!


there should be a section where we can paste our color code based on our interest.


Context: I’m currently using Figjam to document and interpret feedback from user interviews. I’ve colored notes from each user with a different color.

Problem: However, since I’ll be doing 7 interviews, I’ve used up all the 7 colours that Figjam allows me to use. Now I can’t set a color for headers and elements that I use to group notes and this is annoying.

Resolution: It would really help if I could just set a custom color for each element, like in Figma designs.

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When doing affinity mapping from user research, I distinguish users insights by using a different colour note for each user. However, I often have more users than different colours, which can get confusing.

More colour options for the sticky notes would solve this problem. For example, have a lot more colours (please see attached).

Does anyone else experience this?
Screenshot 2021-06-22 at 20.50.12


I’d love the ability to set custom colors in Figjam vs. standard colors.

It’ll allow customization and enable more people to not see figjam as brainstorming tool, but something to include in proposal for example

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Please please add more color options to the various tools… I can’t live with one shade of grey… there are at least 50.

  1. Describe the problem your experiencing and how your idea helps solve this

Limited Color sets for Sticky notes and shapes are making it harder for us to segment brainstorming content; We used to leverage different monochromatic colors for each team. But with the limited set of colors its a challenge at the moment.

Could you please include a color wheel or a color selection menu similar to figma into this.

Thank you

At this point in time, Id say that FigJam isn’t even an MVP. Basic things like custom colours, shape editing of radius and trapezoid or diamond angles, non-intelligent flow lines that don’t relate to each other, and much much more, not even basic figma to figjam integrations. MIRO is literally about 10x better at this point and you guys are going to have to ramp up drastically. But that said even Figma needs alot more work, I wish this was just in figma and full focus was on that product, Figma needs border display control, better handling of distribution, and for the love of all humanity, REVERSE your layer logic… Bottom = Top is just silly and ridiculous.

Please add more color options for post its and shapes, when I work in FigJam I run out of options very fast, maybe even add the flexibility to add any color?

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I’m using Figjam to take user testing notes. I want to use 10 different colours for the insights from my 10 participants. It’s a struggle with the limitation of 8 colours (where 2 of those are white and grey).

Would love to see more colours added, and/or the ability to colour pick!

Thanks :slight_smile: