Customisable "properties section" in Figma Inspect Panel for Annotations

Wouldn’t it be valuable for different stakeholders in a design process to have a dedicated section in Figma to create their own specific design annotations?

What if we had a customisable properties section in the Inspect panel with the possibility to add different design annotations on specific frames, components or elements on a page? …Meta data linked to a specific entity on a specific page in the Figma project.

I currently try to push the agenda to make Figma our “single-source-of-truth” in digital projects in our organisation. An option to add different annotations to the design would help me greatly to achieve that.

To ensure consistency and to make Figma the “single-source-of-truth”, we need to be able to add different data to the design (in different parts of the design process), for example:

  • Specific behavior descriptions (“what happens when you press the button/link on the specific screen state and with these specific preconditions in a connected solution setup”)

  • Comments for user flow design (like “embedded comments” not with the “add comments” feature, but for the developer to read about the specific design intentions)

  • UX text versioning data (to communicate iteration/review of the texts between departments and stakeholders)

  • Company-specific reference data for code classification (to note and map the design with predefined classifications)

Thanks for the feedback! We’ll pass this along to our team for consideration.

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Thank you, dvaliao :+1: :blush:

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