Curtain mode in order to "lock" the design from viewing and commenting before being ready

When we are numerous people collaborating on the same file, collusion can happen: people are editing the wording of a layer that is not supposed to be there, other are commenting on work in progress, and so on. Leading to frustration for everyone.

The idea would be to offer a “curtain mode”, locking the design file from viewing, editing and commenting for everyone but the person who activated the mode, for as much time as the curtain mode is on.

The benefits:

  • For the designer, who can work on his file without being interrupted
  • For the other stakeholders, who can interact with the file only when it’s ready

What do you think of this? Maybe there would be another way to get to the same point.


I’m totally agree with this idea. A “curtain mode” feature could save designers around the world!


You could just introduce branches to your workflow?

I absolutely agree with a ‘curtain’. I’ve been hunting for a plug-in, that doesn’t exist to do something like this.

In this scenario “branching” doesn’t work, as it just merges version and creates more confusion.

From my perspective, what Christelle is referring to is the “‘too many fingers in the pie”. Where everyone has an opinion and you feel like there is always someone behind your shoulder, wanting to change this, that.

I’m totally up for collaborating in a file and being able to add comments, etc. but it needs to be controlled by the editor. The issue is when you are working in the file and trying to work, make updates, etc, and you can see others browsing through your file and commenting. It can be very distracting and interruptive and feels like your process is being questioned.

The ability to “freeze/curtain” a file for viewing while being edited would be amazing. Instant notifications letting viewers know when a file is/not ready for viewing and review.

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