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CSV Import

It would be amazing to be able to import CSVs as effortlessly as you can in Miro.

You can literally just copy a column from a spreadsheet, paste it in, and each line gets turned into a sticky!

Edit: A really strong use case for me right now is when I am done conducting surveys, I love being able to download the results and just drag them into Miro for definition exercises (affinity mapping, empathy mapping, etc.).


Same here. Would love to just copy and paste a column from our NPS comments into FigJam and get a bunch of stickies from it.

In addition to CSV files, it would be great to offer copy-pasting from tables like Excel or Google Sheets.

To go one step further, Miro has a bulk add mode in which you can use the Enter key to start inputting the next sticky note. This means I could directly paste text with line breaks to generate sticky notes, without needing to go through a table software.

The use case behind this is that I have tickets tracked somewhere, from where I can export them as JSON. I can then extract the info I want as a newline-delimited text and want to use whiteboard software like FigJam to collaboratively organize the tickets/stickies into groups, in the style of affinity diagramming.

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My team would GREATLY benefit from this function. In order to sunset miro we’d need this.

This would make it very compelling to move to Figjam, even if only for the 1-time migration of all our existing Miro boards. As it stands now, it will take ages to move all our boards over.
Much like how Figma created the “import from sketch” feature which made it really easy for our team to change tools and never look back.

Would love this feature as well! Importing findings from a spreadsheet is Very tedious without this type of bulk import.