[Critical] Can't recover a file

Until yesterday I was working normal with a file that once in a while had issues with memory.
Not only did never showed me the yellow strip warning, but it was working ok.

Out of the sudden, the file is struggling with memory. 100%.
The problem is I CAN’T recover anymore from version history.

I mean, this is how serious this problem is.
Yes, I know this is actually a limitation (although very poor), but how can I recover my file now? What I’m supposed to do?

Update: after trying and trying I could recover a file from days ago.
I split the file into three files (to support this huge project).

My feedback is that I understand Figma’s limitation about 2GB, but the way browsers handles memory is often arbitrary - also, Figma doesn’t provide with an accurate method to check memory as far as I know and therefore I’m constantly undergoing these unpleasant surprises.

I only hope (from heart) that Figma rework its engineer to support heavier files in the future - and by this, I mean reworking the app to be cloud-based and not browser-based.

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