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Create styles from multiple colour selections

Hi there, Are you guys at Figma looking into the option of creating colour styles from a selection? Say, I have 10 colours that I want to add to the styles but don’t want to add them 1 by 1. Grouping into a new category and being able to give them a unique name would be great if not already implemented.

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Create a topic people can vote for here

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Sorry I dont know where or how to create a new thread for votes. Tried before but I just get a notification that its already a topic but cant see it anywhere…

Hi @Alexander_Szubinski Alexander, you can achieve this by using @Andrei_Iancu plugin Styler, which creates styles using the name of the layer from which you can have a unique naming structure.


Quick question everyone, do we want this to still be tagged as a Product Question, or as Product Idea?

I think this one can stay tagged Product question (since there is a solution) and create another topic Product ideas to propose to be able to do the same thing natively.


Thanks guys! Appreciate the reply and your help :slight_smile: