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Create references in color (Useful for MaterialYou)

Hello! I am not sure if this already exists, but I think it could be a cool idea, as well considering the new feature of colors “Material You” Android will release.

I think it would be very nice if we could set a default color, let’s say:
Blue - hsla(205, 100%, 50%, 1);

And we kind of create a “reference” to this main color.
Then we create instances of lighter and darker versions of this color. Same with opacity, so in this case we would be modifying only the Lightness and the Alpha of the color, but the Hue and Saturation will remain the same.
In this way, we could create accordingly a background color, a text color, a selection color, etc, all related to this Blue.

But if in the future I want to change the color of my app / website, etc, instead of having to change all the colors one by one, it will be cool to just change this Blue Color Reference
to another color and then, all the instances we created (less opacity, more or less lightness, etc) will adjust accordingly.

This will be extremely useful once material you goes out to help designer create several sets of color palettes in a very very easy way.