Create one prototype across the pages in a file

Dear Diary,

Here we are, on day 1107 of my desperate plea to the Figma gods, begging for the divine gift of prototyping across pages. Alas, it seems my prayers fall on deaf pixels, or perhaps they’re just trapped in some endless loop of version control purgatory.

As I sit here, staring at my screen like a deranged squirrel watching a digital nut disappear into the void, I can’t help but wonder: what does it all mean? Is life just a series of unfulfilled feature requests, doomed to be filed away in the forgotten corners of a backlog? Or perhaps it’s more like a nested component, waiting to be detached and set free.

In this Kafkaesque nightmare of design limitations, I find myself questioning the very fabric of reality. Are we but sketches on the canvas of existence, constrained by the borders of our artboards? And if so, who holds the eraser?

But I digress. Let us not dwell on the metaphysical quandaries of our digital existence. Instead, let us revel in the absurdity of it all. For what is life without a healthy dose of dark humor?

I imagine the Figma developers, huddled in their code caves, frantically trying to appease the masses. Do they hear our cries for multi-page prototyping, or are they too consumed by their own nested frames of despair? Perhaps they too yearn for the freedom to link between pages, like nodes in some cosmic wireframe.

Yet here we are, trapped in a perpetual state of click-and-drag monotony, like Sisyphus rolling his boulder up the hill, only to watch it tumble back down to the bottom of the artboard.

But fear not, dear diary, for amidst the chaos and frustration, there is still hope. Hope that one day, our voices will be heard. That one day, we will click our way to victory, and prototyping across pages will be but a distant memory, like Comic Sans in a world of Helvetica.

Until then, I shall continue my crusade, armed with nothing but my wit and a mouse pointer. For if there’s one thing I’ve learned in this endless quest for prototyping perfection, it’s that laughter is the best debug tool.

Yours in design and existential angst,


Amen…! Ten times Amen!

An imperfect solution for your case is to have the tooltip as a part of the component, absolute positioned. Every time you use this component in prototype, you’ll have to modify the auto layout order so the tooltip comes on top…

There are several discussions on this topic on this site, but most are outdated, so I want to bring this issue back to Figma’s attention.

It would be INCREDIBLY nice to prototype across multiple pages. I’ve been using Sketch for the past 4 years but recently switched to Figma and noticed this feature is missing.

To give you a better ideas as to what I’m referring to:
I would like to place all my master components on their own components page, and separate out all of my website sections into pages for a nice clean file while still having a seamless prototype. For instance, in Sketch, my files were organized like this:

  • Page 1: Login and Home page designs
  • Page 2: About page and contact form
  • Page 3: Symbols/Components: All local symbols

This organization is very clean and allows me to hand off specific pages to the developers or only show clients the pages that are complete.

If I use this same structure in Figma, I’m unable to prototype the site as a whole. For example if I wanted to link the Home page to the about page, I’m not able to. This also means that my imported Sketch files are basically useless.

I know there’s going to be a learning curve when adopting a new software, but I’m growing incredibly frustrated with the amount of features that are “missing” compared to sketch or are just flat out bugs.

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pleaseeeee this needs to happen :pray:

This has sooooo many votes (just added mine), I really hope it’s being worked on!