Create new master component when duplicating page?

When I duplicate a page, any master component on that page gets translated to an instance of the master component on the new page.

Is there a way to duplicate a page and create new master components on the new page? i.e. Page A has master component 1 and 2. When I duplicate Page A and create Page B, I want master component 3 and 4 rather than instances of component 1 and 2.

I realize I can detach the instance and create a new master component but for my use case, that is a lot of components to:

a) detach
b) make edits
c) re create new master components
d) go through each instance on the page and update it to use the new master component.

I’d rather:

a) make edits to new master components
b) have instances automagically reflect the changes.

Thanks in advance for ur help


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