Create new master component when duplicating page. Is this possible? It happened to half of my master components and the other half remained as instances

When I duplicate a page, or when I copy a master component, I want to have the option the “pasted” object to be a master component itself, or the duplicated page to be created with the same relationships between instances & components and to include master components as well.

  • Well, I think I found some solution how this can happen… When I have a master component in a page and I copy paste it into another file, it comes as an instance.
    BUT when I have a master component AND an instance created from this component in the same page and I copy-paste them both together inside another file, then they come as Master component & instance, and not as 2 instances. :smile:
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I have the exact same problem. This seems to be a bug. Only duplicating the entire file maintains the master and instance relationships… but that seems like quite a bother.

Any help Figma?

For some weird reason, this seems to affect mostly Master components without variants. Adding a variant to a component will make it duplicate across pages as expected, creating a new Master and not an instance.

Yeah it maintains the original relationship but it should actually belong to the copied page. Figma needs and update to fix this.