Create a viewer only section/mode of your WIP that won't let them snoop as you work

Often times I’m on projects where I want to show my WIP with my coworkers or stakeholders but I don’t want them to jump into my work constantly popping in and checking now that they have a link to my file. There’s also many cases where I need them to review and comment but I don’t want their comments to flood my actual working file because it creates a messy habit of changing my original design instead of allowing me to archive it and make updates to a copy of the original. My current solution is to either make a new page as the review page or duplicate working file and create a share out version of the file. There are times when collaboration is key in a Figma file and then there are times when you need to keep your working files clean of outside tampering. I’m not sure if creating a review mode or creating a more robust permissions settings would be the solution.

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