Couldn't copy SVG or PNG

Also having this same issue using Firefox 92

I am also having this issue.
It is not resolved
Firefox 92.

Hey All,

Thanks for continuing to flag this issue. Our team is aware of this ongoing bug using Firefox, & we’re trying to gather more information to solve the issue. Did copying SVG or PNG previously work for any of you using Firefox prior to August 30th, or has it been a consistent issue?

Again, as a workaround until this issue with Firefox is resolved, we recommend using the desktop app or an alternate web browser. Thanks in advance for any additional information you can provide.

At least for me, I don’t remember if it worked since I didn’t use Figma in August. As of now, I’m using the latest Firefox Dev Edition 94, and I only see this option:


Also chiming in Copy/Paste SVG doesn’t work on Firefox 92 on Mac OS X 10.15.7, switched to Safari 14.1 and I can see the option.

I can confirm that “Copy as SVG” worked for me in Firefox prior to August 30. I used it several times throughout July and August, and I think earlier as well. (I never used “Copy as PNG”, but I think it was there as well.)

Firefox 94. Still same issue. Any news?

Linux Firefox copy as svg didn’t work, but works for os x

You can work around this by turning on async clipboards feature flag in firefox:

  • go to about:config in firefox
  • turn on

Then it should work again


It’s works! Many thanks, you save my day


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