Copyright/patent concern

hi all, i am developing a app like imdb/moviebase…, but i am particularly concern about will i violate copyright/patent if i showcase the logo of streaming services(amazon prime&paramount) on the movie/series information page? fyi streaming service logos indicate where people can watch Star Trek on those streaming services. thanks for your time reading this

Hi, John.

If this is just a study or just a concept, I don’t think so. It is still going to be on the fair use of trademarks and logos.

But, you have to be absolutely careful when dealing with this. You need to take note that there should be absolutely no unofficial advertisement using their logos (which in this case you’ll probably have to take out the amount in them).

Take note: There shouldn’t be any unofficial claims that may cause confusion among users/consumers because that will violate copyright law.

The best way still is to consult someone who knows the law—locally and internationally, or consult a lawyer which you probably wont find here.

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