Copying Grids from one frame to paste into another

Hi Guys, I am trying to follow a tutorial on YouTube Figma Tutorial: Setup a Responsive Grid Layout for UI & Web Design (IN 11 MINUTES) - YouTube and although he is working on a Mac he is giving the Windows options.

However about 8.20 in he has copied both the grid and column settings from the Desktop frame and pasted them into the ipad frame. He was able to select the grid and then by holding ctrl (on windows) select the columns too and copy and then paste them into the other frame.

I cannot seem to be able to select just the grids never mind both of them. Clicking one and then holding CTRL and clicking on the columns just moves what was selected, it doesn’t select them both.

Even copying the grid and trying to paste it on its own doesn’t work. What am I doing wrong.

Any help most appreciated.

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I just figured it out. in the image i uploaded you want to hover your mouse just to the left of the grid icons (on the grid you want to copy) then you would see a “sandwich” stack icon pop up. you can now ctrl or shift click that to select the grid and then you can copy and paste. I do hope it made sense.


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