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Copying container shape styles also mangles nested text layers

When I copy styles from a shape (ctrl + alt + c) I am typically trying to recreate the border radius, shadows, fills, etc. on another shape. However, what I (now) notice is that it also occasionally targets child layers and applies the styles from the copied frame’s children to those.

So, for example, maybe I’ve got a shape that contains a heading. I copy its styles, wanting to get the “card” look to match between two shapes. If I paste it onto a shape that contains a datagrid, now all of a sudden every single text layer in the card gets the heading styles.

That’s very unexpected and kind of annoying. It doesn’t, for example, copy styles for nested shape layers. It doesn’t abide by the Figma-conventional rules about layer nesting and naming (that apply e.g. when using smart animate or variants). It just indiscriminately grabs the text styles and applies them to every text layer no matter how deeply nested, how many of them there are, etc.

Anyone else find this off-putting? Do you find that there’s a situation where this is handy and not just accidental?

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