Copy text from a Figma prototype

Greetings friends -
Is it possible to copy text from a Figma prototype?

Ex. I want developers to copy sentences from the prototype so that there are less chances for error.
I would also like to include hyperlinks that devs could copy - these are big n’ ugly URLs that cannot be typed.

Would I have to repeat everything as a comment?


Developers don’t need the prototype, they need to view the file. And from the file they will be able to copy all they need.

How we can give a design file to the developer who don’t know about the Figma as
compare to designer?. Where the designer have created an interactive prototype with lots of components(with variants) and so many conditional interactions.

Do we expect the developer to go the each variant and mess with the interaction?

There must be some options within Prototype(preview) mode where developer can select and copy the content. Not in Inspect because if we are using conditional interaction then developer have to go each variant to copy conditional content.

much needed feature please :frowning:

Can you show specific examples?

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