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Copy-Pasting a component freezes figma

We have a complex-y button component with about 800 variations. After dragging the component into the artboard and then trying to copy and paste it to make another instance, Figma freezes for about 30 seconds.
Here’s a video:

  • Duplicating the component by Option-Dragging works fine
  • The same freeze was duplicated by other designers on the team, but the weird thing is that if we are both looking at the same file, I can still interact with the file, and the other designer can see the file changing, while he can’t do anything for the time that it’s frozen for him

I had a similar issue. To reduce the button size, I didn’t give options to toggle off and on the icon positions. This dramatically reduced the component size and I had to communicate it to my team. It helps a lot since every time you duplicate the button, you’re essentially duplicating all the variants with it. No file will work properly for a component that massive :confused: