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Copy/Paste, Default SVG,Paste Here, and Right Click Menu

Copy/Paste just seems so laborious on Figma compared to the alternatives. I realize the shortcut is the same, I realize the functionality is the same, but it’s just not fun.

I guess the request is just have “paste here” and the default will be svg automatically in the right click menu without going into a secondary layer of copy/paste choices. Typically I want to wholesale move a frame/group as an SVG and usually it’s to another file/page.

Also, there’s no paste option when opening a new file without an artboard. You have to use the keyboard shortcut or on-screen menu, or start an artboard before copy/paste comes up in the right click menu.

I realize this request may seem ridiculous, but every time I go back to sketch I don’t even think about it, then I come back to Figma, it’s in the way for some reason.

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