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Hey designers, I’d like to ask for a feature that I’m missing as a Figma power user. I’m working a lot with developers and linking them to the specific part of the page. Right now I’m framing the desired part with a hacky solution a “grouped rectangle”. That way I’m able to highlight specific part and link it to the handoff for developers. However, this solution is not ideal because a grouped rectangle is detached from the content inside. If I would use Frame instead, my interactions would break. That’s why I was very excited by introducing Sections. It is exactly what I was looking for. The only thing I’m missing there is the ability to copy the link of the section to be able to paste it into the handoff.

Also, I’d like to share that I’ve never been more happy working with software before. I’m using Figma daily for 4 years now and have experience with 20+ other professional 2D and 3D tools. None of them is this intuitive, useful, and reliable as Figma <3


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@tank666 Thanks for the suggestion!

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