Convert private account to organization without losing previous work

We have an account that we would like to convert to a Professional account of the organization.
Currently all our information is under [redacted]
We want to create an organization account named: [redacted]
This should have [redacted] as admins
Aviv is the same person as [redacted]
Just that currently is a private account

We need a team for the organization, and copy the relevant project pages to this team

Hey @dagan – first, I edited your original post to remove the names/emails you included to protect your org’s teams/account + users in your instance.

This issue can’t be handled on the community forum, since it requires adjustments to administrative details.

Please reach out to our support team using this form for further assistance:

A support member will be able to verify the necessary info to help with the changes you are requesting via email. Note that Figma is currently observing an extended holiday, so responses may be slower at this time. Appreciate your patience!