Converitfy (XD) & Anima exporting large Interactive Prototype has strange results (Nested Components/Varients & Branching Bugs?)

Please search for existing topics I get weird results when I export to Convertify & Anima and almost every other exporter I can find. It works perfectly well in Figma prototype mode. But there is strange resizing and broken interactions as well as missing images (whitted out)

The issues seem to be coming from a component with multiple variants on it → that links to an overlay that is made of variants that link off

There is a picture of the layer setup as well in the original

Original - Original - Album on Imgur

Anima & Convertify - Anima & XD Transfer - Album on Imgur

Let me know what you think… the interactions all work almost perfect in figma prototype mode but completely get destroyed when exporting. Any ideas what this is caused by? Appreciate any help on this maybe are built wrong.before posting! Press :mag: at the upper right to search.