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Controller/Gamepad Prototyping + Auto Layout with IC

I have been spending time testing Interactive Component’s compatibility with prototyping menus made for Gamepads and Controllers and ran into the following problem that seems to be similar to some of those I’ve seen on this forum.

When creating a menu that only requires the capability to navigate to another menu, Auto Layout works great.

However, if we’re trying to work with a list of nested components with their own interactions, the widget you select to interact with will have to be at the top layer of the frame. With Auto Layout arranging the layers on its own, this is not possible as you will end up only being able to interact with the bottom-most component.

To give you an idea, this is what the list interaction looks like. Select a slider with up/down and adjust the slider with left/right.

It works in a normal frame but I have to manually move the ‘Focused’ component to the top of the layer hierarchy in each Variant and am unable to adjust the list’s sizing/spacing without it turning into a little bit of a pain.

Are there plans in the future to allow for some sort of ‘Focused’ state for Gamepad/Controller prototyping?