Control variant export naming (especially for icons)

any update on this? I tried naming all of my Variants what I wanted their name to export as, which worked until I needed to adjust something in one of them and now they won’t update in other files, which is kind of the entire point of Variants…

We are also experiencing the same issue and we hope Figma will address this problem soon.

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+1 on this issue. It’s a hassle for devs to have to rename the file the name of the component should be included in the exported file name as well.

+100 This is a huge issue for creating libraries. Figma please fix this!

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Same here, every time renaming filenames. plz Figma, can you give us some more export control

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Given how robust is Figma becoming, this is a big let down when it comes to developer handoff. Figma please give us a workaround natively!

I resolved the issue by creating an Apple Automator Workflow that converts the Figma variant “=” to “_”. Additionally, it exports all the filenames to a CSV file. Our developer can then take the CSV file containing the filenames and import them into their array.

The Apple Automator Workflow file can be downloaded at: Dropbox - Figma to - Simplify your life

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+1 on this issue.

+1 for the topic, the naming convention is completely lost

Agree this is kind of outrageous it hasn’t been addressed yet, especially with the paid dev mode seats now in full effect. Icons exported from dev mode only carry the component name and lose the variant name, adding even more confusion to this mess. Can you please get this sorted asap Figma. We looked into connecting icon libraries to Git and it’s just a huge pain trying to get icons out of Figma without so many extra steps or loss of information (variant names)

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still waiting for this…

Hey All, thanks for the feedback!

This isn’t on our immediate roadmap, but we’ll pass this onto the team for future consideration.

I am newer to Figma (long time sketch user) and just ran into this issue… I searched around the internet figuring there was a simple method that I was just missing and surprised to see that isn’t the case. I guess for now I can group the contents of each variant and make that exportable instead of the variants themselves. Kind of means you are naming things twice, but I guess it works…

This plugin helps a lot:

@Shane This is the best method i agree hands down. I do it the same way. Export Sheet works well. One thing to keep noted is that we copy the icons as a separate component so updating a variables of Main component in Component sheet becomes a 2x job. But manageable. :slight_smile:

Figma Please address this.

+1. Impossible do a proper handover, we need specifically naming like “icons/size24/feature/ic_home”. Now it’s exporting like “icons/size24/ic=home, property=feature”. If I manuallyrename it — I’m loosing properties. Aboslute nonsense :frowning: