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Control Editors in Professional plan?

Hello Figma world!

So guys, after we discovered about the new change in the starter plan, my team and I decided to migrate for the professional plan but, we are lots of designers and as you may already guess, we are afraid of losing control of editors and find ourselves with an extra bill.

I wanted to know:

  • If there is a way to ONLY give admin users the possibility to add new paid editors?

  • How much time is needed to cancel an editor before having to pay his seat’s bill?

Please! If anyone has an answer feel free to contact me!

Thanks!! :blush:

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  1. No, there is no way.
  2. The payments are done in the billing cycle. If you started paying for your team on the 13th of March, the next payment will be on the 13th of April. So if you add the editor in the middle of the month, you will have plenty of time to remove them. And if you didn’t have time, feel free to reach out to Figma support to request a refund. You will also receive an email notification about new editors about three days before your payment.
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Thank you Gleb!
Helped us a lot!!
I have another question :smiley:

I wanted to know if it is possible to hide billing informations from admins in the figma team, it is a very sensitive information and I wanted to be careful about it!

Thanks again :heart:

Is it visible to them? This is an important issue so if it is I would advice you to reach out to Figma support.

Hi guys, same question here… So I can include editors in my Professional plan and if I remove them before the billing period won’t I be charged for those editors? Thanks Gleb for all the work you do for the Figma Community. :wink:

Yes. But that’s only if you have to share files from within the team. You can share Drafts for free with any amount of editors you want when you are an editor in the Professional team.

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Thanks Gleb!