Constraint Left and Right disabled when frame is set to fixed on scroll

Hi guys,
Sometimes, not very often, I get the LEFT AND RIGHT and TOP AND BOTTOM contraints disabled for certain elements. Just like in the example below for the main menu

Does anyone know why in the world this is happening? Is this a bug?
Thank you kindly,

Hi, Chris.

This is a bug that is currently not yet fixed. For the meantime, you can do the work around where you will set your header to scroll with parent, adjust the constraints, and then get it back to fixed.

Hi Raphael,
Thank you for replying. I think I also found a workaround, dragging the bugged components out of the parent frame and putting it back in it will solve the problem.

Yeah. You can also do that to remove the Fixed state. Anyways, no problem :smile:

If the component has a min or max width, the pin left to right also is grayed out. It took a bit until I relalized that. I assumed that you can have a min and max width AND pin it to the left and right within the given range. Unfortunately not the case.