Consolidate Variables

Is there a way to migrate/consolidate variables?

For example I have to collections;

  1. component paddings
  2. Layout spacing

Both have numbers like 0, 4, 8 ,etc.

I now want to eliminate the component padding, but don’t want to manually adjust all padding. When I replace the name in the variable setting I get the message that the name must be unique.

How can I fix this?

I don’t think there’s a native way to easily handle this, but there is a plugin called Find Variables ( which might help you out. It only handles one page at a time, but it allows you to select all elements using a given variable, letting you easily swap them over to another one. When done, delete all your now-unused variables. Tedious, but beats doing everything 100% manually!

thank you for the reply!

This is quite helpful already (: