Consistent behaviour of menus with search

Currently, in Figma there is Quick actions menu, Insert component menu, Apply style menu, File search menu, Swap instance menu…

All of these menus have a search input that is focussed by default. But each behaves a bit differently.

When you search for something it usually highlights the 1st results so you can quickly use it (this is great). The issue comes when you want to select the 2nd item. It takes a different amount of down key presses to reach the 2nd item.

See screenshot of all the different menus and number of down key presses to reach 2nd item.

I constantly miss select something because of muscle memory. It would be really great if all of these behaved consistently so my caveman brain can learn one way and avoid mistakes :pray:

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I also run into this problem very frequently. This would improve my workflow a lot!

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