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Connectors pasted into Figma editor do not export as SVG

1. Describe the bug/issue you’re running into?
When I copy a connector from Figma Jam and I paste it into Figma Editor I am not able to export it as an SVG from Figma Editor defeating its great power.

2. Are you able to consistently reproduce it? If so what are the steps?
Create a connector in Figma Jam.
Paste it into Figma Editor.
Export it as an SVG.
You will have nothing as was shown in the editor.

3. Share a screenshot, recording, console log, link to the file, etc.

example source of the exported SVG

4. Is the issue only happening in desktop app or a specific browser, or both?
Windows 10, Desktop app. Chrome latest version.

5. What OS/version and/or browser/version are you using?
Windows 10, Desktop app. Chrome latest version.