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Connect the icons(Group) to a frame on prototype, but I can't click it

Hi! I really need some help here. I’m working on high-fidelity prototyping and having an issue with it. At the navigation bar, I connect each icon to each frame. Weirdly, when I check it on presentation mode, I can’t click them!

The funny thing is the other part works! Only having an issue with the navigation bar…

Can you show your connections?

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Hi @Sabina_Jeon, navigation stops working when the frame counter appears at the bottom of the screen?

You can hide Figma UI (in presentation options) to prevent the frame counter from showing up. You can also choose a device (on the Prototype tab) so that your frame doesn’t stretch to the bottom of the screen.

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Thank you so much!!! You made my day :laughing: :+1:

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