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Conflicts between text changes

There are some weird conflicts that typically should be able to be easy to resolve automatically between branches, but currently the “update from main” feature isn’t able to resolve these changes on its own. The auto-updating feature really needs some work. Even in Git this would be able to be resolved automatically without issues:

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Create a text item in your main branch. Add text to it.
  2. Create a new branch from the main branch.
  3. Add more text to the text item.
  4. Update the text in the main branch.
  5. Go back to the new branch and “update from main”
  6. You’ll have conflicts almost every single time that are almost impossible to deal with because you can’t pick and choose what differences you want to keep. At least with text conflicts in code, it’s quite easy to make a choice between each difference, but just making a choice between one branch or another for an entire page is problematic.
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was about to post the same. Can someone make a feature request with voting from this?