Confirming the Figma account when joining a team through an invite link

I just accidentally joined my client’s Figma team with the wrong Figma account.

To explain this, let’s say that my primary account uses the email name(at)email and my other account uses the email name(at)client2. I just joined the team of client1 with my name(at)client2 account, because that account was logged in on the browser version of Figma. The original invitation was sent to name(at)email and there were no warnings about my entrance to the client organization with the wrong account so I didn’t notice it until client1 told me that my account was most likely wrong.

The browser version of Figma was only logged in to my name(at)client2 account whereas the desktop version was logged in to both the name(at)email and the name(at)client2 accounts.

Please confirm from the user if the email they are using to enter the client organization is correct - especially if the email address that the invitation was sent to is different from the email that the entering account is using. It’s very embarassing to end up revealing clients like this.

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