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Confirmation overlays

Hi all,

Is there a way to have confirmation overlays after a user has completed an action?

For example:

Click on profile settings icon → Profile settings overlay opens from bottom of screen → Change username, click “Done” → Profile settings overlay closes from the bottom → Once closed, a confirmation overlay opens on top of screen saying “User name changed” and disappears after 2 seconds.

Basically like in Pinterest.

Any suggestions on this would be great appreciated!

One way to do that would be via duplicating the main screen and transitioning to this duplicate from the “done” button. Then this screen would transition back to the main screen after delay.

Another way is essentially the same, but instead of duplicating the full screen you would need to make both overlays the size of the screen and swap between them. This way you also could animate the bottom dialog with smart animate.

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Thanks, this is helpful and it works if its a new screen, but I think this wouldnt work for overlays over existing screens.

What do you mean by new and existing screen? What’s the difference? I don’t see any cases where this won’t work.