Config 2023 - are the presented prototypes achievable?

I was rewatching/analyzing the last config 2023. There is a scene when Dylan clicking through products to add them to the cart. Cool, but…
As you can see - he has 3 modes, each mode is a separate product visible on the list.
When he clicks on the product card and goes to the “product” frame, the content replaces itself depending on what he has clicked.

  1. It seems there is a logic that switches modes - I was looking for this, and seems to be currently unavailable.
  2. Images are somehow connected - I’ve found a workaround by creating components with variants of different photos and assigning variables for the property. Sounds great, doesn’t work as this works only on top-level instances, not for nested ones!

I wonder if they presented us something still unachievable, or for 1st point there were hidden frames with different modes selected?
For 2nd point - does it mean Dylan had repeatable elements on the “Shop” frame that were not components/instances?!

Does anybody know how to achieve what he did? Are there any shared files of this on the community?

hmm I don’t know if modes are necessary for this. Instead I imagine there’s a series of boolean variables and conditional logic being used to show and hide layers in the cart.

Regarding the file, I haven’t seen Figma’s World Peas file directly made available in the community. But the official Figma account does have an “Advanced Prototyping Playground” file they made to accompany the release of variables that contains some World Peas components for the examples.