Compress images, why are not part of the program?

So, theres no way to compress images in this program, without buying a tinyimage and paying 12 dollars just for that? man this program feel so cheap, i mean, that feature its a MUST, how are you uploading bloated images to the web?? why nobody address this?

Clearly I’m missing something here, could someone tell me how you are uploading images after exporting them from this program? because I can’t believe that everybody are uploading them without compressing them first.

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tinyimage uses an exclusive technology, right? You deserve what should be a normal jpg compression function.

Im not sure what are you saying but the feature of compress images should be in figma, like in sketch or xd or photoshop or any other program for exporting images to be used in the web.

Besides that, $12 for tinyimage its abusive, theres no other way to put it

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I don’t know how you can call a product someone spent time developing to help you save time and charging money for it abusive. It’s like saying charging for Figma is abusive because you can draw for free on built-in Paint. TinyImage allows you to do so many more things than just plain image compression, there’s so much work put into it that a Figma would probably need a whole department and a couple years to build all of these features.

You can use thousands of image compression apps and services that are available on the web for free, they could even be more powerful or give you much better compression than Figma or TinyImage plugin ever would. Besides, even in Figma there are now many free image compression plugins.

But if you want a native feature (understandably), feel free to vote for this (for some reason very unpopular) suggestion: Ability to control file size on export without plugins


Well i respect your opinion but not agree with it, the main feature people use tinyImage is for compress images, how a plugin for compress images would be more expensive that a whole program like skecth? makes no sense for me.

But the pricing of tiny image its not the problem, because at the end they put the price they want (even if they are super greedy with it), the main problem is that this feature its not in the program itself, just image how many people with no experience are uploading super bloated images to their webs thinking “well if this program, that is one of the most used in the world for this its giving me this image like that, it should be fine, right?”

At the end i used tinypng to compress the images, but its little frustrating to have to google a lot of things just to do something so basic, dont you think?

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Try other free image compression plugins, no need to google to do something basic. And of course I agree this feature should be native in Figma (like hundreds of other commonly requested features), that’s what this forum is for — so you can vote for the suggestions you like. I understand you not wanting to pay for TinyImage but I don’t understand why you make a big deal of someone charging money for a service, especially when there are free alternatives.

Forget it, i can see that you don’t understand, :+1:t3:

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